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Learn about the meaning, origin, purpose, goal, mission, now and future of LoadstarCode.

LoadstarCode's Meaning and Origin

The term LoadstarCode comes from a variant spelling of the root word "lodestar", "loadstar", which when defined reads: a star that leads or guides or one that serves as an inspiration, model, or guide (Merriam Webster). The term was found on accident when creating concept logos for Joshua Sandoval's new website, which was unnamed at the time. It just occurred that his "Load Star" concept had a word associated with it that would also make sense for the purpose/mission of the upcoming website.

LoadstarCode's Purpose, Goal or Mission

LoadstarCode's Purpose, Goal or Mission is to help people learn about software in different ways. Whether that be uploading learn to code article content, or small or large code software snippets to assist in your projects, our duty is to assist and help teach you—because knowledge is a gift, and should be passed around.

LoadstarCode Now and in the Future

LoadstarCode is currently a small website edited and produced by one man, Joshua Sandoval. New content comes to the website as time allows, but once a proper editor, artist, multiple writers and programmers join the staff, things will grow exponentially. But as always, nobody knows where LoadstarCode is headed, but all of our staff is dedicated to bringing you, the viewer, the best experience you can have to help make you feel at home.